"We do not want to be remembered as heroes, we only ask to be remembered for what we did....that's all"
"I regard it as a privilege to fight for all those things that make life worth living - freedom, honour and fair play"

The Battle of Britain aircrew that are still known to be surviving are listed below.
While every effort has been made to delete those names that are known to have passed away since this list was compiled,
it is still possible that this list still contains names of aircrew that are no longer with us.
If you observe a name listed below that you definitely know has passed away could you please notify administration immediately.

Nominal Roll Current as supplied by the Battle of Britain Fighter Association July 2013
All listings are by Rank; Initials; Name; Decorations; Squadron; Now living in; Aircraft type.

Group Captain Leonard Bartlett, DSO, 17 Squadron, Perth, Australia, Hurricanes.
Squadron Leader Percival Harold Beake, 64 Squadron, Bristol, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant Bernard Brown, New Zealander, 610 Squadron, Kent, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant ‘OV’ Owen Burns, 235 Squadron, Norfolk, Blenheims.
Flight Lieutenant William Terence Clark, DFM, 219 Squadron, North Yorkshire, Blenheims.
Flight Lieutenant Michael Ernest Croskell, 213 Squadron, Cambridgeshire, Hurricanes.
Flight Lieutenant Nigel George Drever, 610 Squadron, Spitfires.

Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington, 1 Squadron, West Sussex, Hurricanes.
Wing Commander Paul Caswell Farnes DFM, British, 501 Squadron, Hurricanes.
Sergeant Hubert Luiz Flower, 248 Squadron, Derbyshire, Blenheims.
Flight Lieutenant John Peter Bowtell Greenwood, 253 Squadron, Australia, Hurricanes.
Squadron Leader J.S. Hart, 41696 Canadian - 602 & 54 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Gordon Arthur Hewett, 607 Squadron, United States, Hurricanes.
Flight Lieutenant William Robert Kent Hughes, DFC, AE, 23 Squadron, Cambridgeshire, Blenheims.
Wing Commander Terence Michael Kane, 234 Squadron, Yorkshire, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant Keith Ashley Lawrence, DFC, 234 Squadron, Canada, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant Ronald MacKay, 234 Squadron, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon, 56 Squadron, Spain, Hurricanes.
Wing Commander Thomas Francis Neil, DFC, AFC, 249 Squadron, Yorkshire, Hurricanes.
Squadron Leader Tony Garforth Pickering, 501 Squadron, Bristol, Hurricanes.
Flight Lieutenant Denis Norman Robinson, 152 Squadron, Northumberland, Spitfires.
Squadron Leader Stuart Nigel Rose, 602 Squadron, Spitfires.
Flight Lieutenant Ronald Henry Smyth, DFC, 111 Squadron, London, Hurricanes.
Wing Commander Richard Gordon Battensby Summers, OBE, OStJ, AFM, 219 Squadron, Yorkshire, Blenheims.
Flight Lieutenant Alexander Hendry Thom, DFC, FRICS, 79 Squadron, South Wales, Hurricanes.
Squadron Leader Michael Terry Wainwright, AFC, 64 Squadron, London, Spitfires.
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Harris Augustus Wellum, DFC, 92 Squadron, London, Spitfires.
Wing Commander Sydney Anthony Hollingsworth Whitehouse, 501 Squadron, Bristol, Hurricanes.
Sargeant Robert White, 235 Squadron, Norfolk, Blenheims.
Flying Officer Kenneth Astill Wilkinson, 616 Squadron, London, Spitfires.
Group Captain Allan Richard Wright, DFC, AFC, 92 Squadron, West Sussex, Spitfires.

While every effort has been made to ensure that all entries are correct and has been
cross referenced many times, errors, omissions and confusion often occurs. Should you find an error
in any of the above entries, please contact administration immediately sending
the incorrect entry, and supply us with the details that you believe to be correct to assist our investigation.


"We do not want to be remembered as heroes, we only ask to be remembered for what we did....that's all"
W/C Robert "Bob" Doe British 234 & 238 Squadrons Fighter Command

"I regard it as a privilege to fight for all those things that make life worth living - freedom, honour and fair play"
Pilot Officer William "Bill" Millington Australian 79 & 249 Squadrons Fighter Command

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